At Humphries Dental, we always strive to make our patients’ experience as comfortable as possible while maintaining the integrity of our high-quality dental care. For that reason, we are constantly investing in the latest dental technologies. As part of this effort, we are excited to offer Solea®, a revolutionary new device for treating just about every type of dental tissue.

What is the Solea® Laser?

Solea® is the first laser of its kind approved by the FDA. This system uses a CO2 (carbon dioxide) laser system that can treat both hard and soft oral tissues, in contrast to traditional dental lasers which could only treat soft tissues. The Solea Laser uses rapid pulses of infrared light to treat a wide range of conditions including infections in periodontal pockets to facilitate fillings and restorations.

Why is Solea® Laser a Superior Choice for Dental Treatments?

For starters, Solea® is almost entirely painless and minimally intrusive. Using this advanced laser technology means that there’s no need for anesthesia and its cauterizing properties mean almost no bleeding. Solea® also allows us to complete procedures quickly and effectively with short downtime and a faster recovery.

What are the Benefits of the Solea® Laser?
  • Complete treatments that traditionally took several appointments in a single visit
  • Precise targeting of the treatment area
  • Faster healing time
  • Comfortable experience with minimal discomfort and no sound or vibrations
  • Pain free, Needle free
Do You Want Solea® Laser Treatment in Bay City, Texas?

Our team at Humphries Dental is trained to minimize your discomfort and give you’re the most effective dental treatment with the aid of our cutting-edge technology. If you need treatment for periodontal disease or need to fill a cavity, our Solea® laser treatment can complete these procedures in a quickly and painlessly. Come see why we are the leaders in Bay City dentistry today!